Friday, October 24, 2008

School Dayz

Remember when you were in grade school and your math teacher wouldn’t let you use your calculator to do a math problem? Their excuse was always, “Well if aaaalll the calculators in the world blew up tomorrow, we still want you to be able to find the square root of six.” There is so much that is so wrong with that sentence. First off, what are the odds all of the calculators are going to simultaneously blow up into a million pieces? Secondly, if all the calculators did blow up, the last thing on my mind would be mathematical equations. I’d be like, “Oh, F*@K! What the H just happened? Shite!” Not, “Uh, oh. Now how am I going to get my algebra homework in by 9 am?” Personally, I think the professors simply wanted to draw out the lessons as long as possible. Like they had a secret meeting in the teachers lounge after they realized the material in their curriculum was only going to last until winter break. “Well, if we take away their calculators it will take them till at least March to figure out long division. Oooh! Marty, rip out page 35 from ‘The Most Dangerous Game’- that’ll really confuse them! It will take them at least until Easter to figure that one out!”

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E said...

haha That was great. Like seriously, "hmm... my calculator isn't working. Crap how am I going to figure out how many miles I'll be driving before I run out of gas? It's not like my car tells me or anything..."